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TWENTY 8 – #GBookClub 2

Welcome back to #GBookClub

This is our second book that I will review here, and let me start by saying that I love this one as well!

I actually read this book twice to be able to make a proper review as it has so much knowledge and inspiring quotes in it that I didn’t want to miss. Let’s dive in.

Twenty 8 – The Age of Power is Fabienne Sandoval‘s first book. She is also a friend so I was more than excited about reading the year that changed her life! She is an incredible person, a source of light in my opinion. I am so happy to tell you that all of her amazing personality is in the pages of this book so you will be one of the lucky people who get to know her, after reading it. Yeay!

As I said, this book is all about her 28th age, how she left her corporate job for a while, travelled around, became vegan and more importantly became a HAPPY and HEALTHY person. There are a lot of stories that feel like magic; as if this is a fiction book, but it’s not. I guess the saying is true; when she was ready, her teacher showed up and opened a whole new world to her. 

I will not spoil the story here, of course not. But I want to write down some sentences that I highlighted as I read it the second time. Before I start, let me also share that she is a life coach as well. And this is how she found out that she should become one. I find that part of the story very close to my heart, as you can imagine. What is more interesting is, she actually wrote this book, way before she figured her role, in a way that a great life coach would do – with teachings at the end chapter! Love that!

She starts her story with how she felt before this life-changing journey started. In that chapter, she talks about intuition. A word we rarely think about nowadays. And the way she put it into writing was so amazing, I will just copy it here;

‘ Our intuition speaks loudly to us for a purpose, it is our instinctive protection. As I travelled along my journey I have learned to trust it. Sometimes it is impossible for us to know why we feel a certain way but we must listen. This message is coming from a higher source. If we choose to override it we can guarantee we will be wrong. ‘

In the early pages of the book, she talks about pretty much every aspect of her life. Work, health, love.. Especially on love, she added this quote from Simi Froman, which I happen to believe in for years now;

‘ There’s nothing lonelier than being with someone and not being seen. For the love of love, please don’t ever settle. You chose how to be alone. ‘

As this year progresses, she finds out so much about herself. She becomes the woman who knows exactly what she wants in love. She becomes vegan, and she learns about it so much! Then she decided that she doesn’t want to be in the corporate world. But of course, changing all of these are not easy. Then she writes this sentence; which I believe will give motivation to anyone who needs it in the harder times;

‘ A little rain never hurt anyone, and only enabled the flowers to flourish. ‘

She travelled, she made friends, she found love and lost it again but the biggest part of all of this was her journey to herself;

‘ It was now time to be in the pursuit of myself, to begin the journey inwards. ‘

The more she learnt about herself, the more she knew about what she wants. She wants a soulmate, as we all do. But her idea about soulmates, I found really interesting;

‘ I believe we can have multiple soulmates. Some may be romantic in nature, others a brother or sister relationship, but ultimately these are people we feel deeply connected to at a higher level. A soulmate may appear for a short period of time to inspire us to grow or remind us who we are, or we may have the pleasure of them being with us for a large part of our journey.’ 

I mean, come on! This is a revelation! 

She writes about energy and emotions towards the middle of the story. She talks about frequencies and how our emotions play a role in that, and how to live to the fullest. On that, she found another great quote by Oscar Wilde, to add to her story;

‘ To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist. ‘

So true… Sadly. Don’t be one of them, ok?

Believe it or not, she found her first philosophy of life during this 1-year adventure! She talks about the circle of life, letting go and connection in a refreshing way that I could not even try to tell you now, you’ll have to read it yourselves.

But I will add what she wrote about disappointments. We all have them. And I think we can all learn from this;

‘ The disappointments are usually to steer us in the right direction to something that will be far more beneficial to us. Allow yourself to feel the pain, acknowledge it and then move forward, returning to reality and living in the moment. ‘

To conclude, I love this book. Not because she is my friend but because she put her change and her life out there, for us to learn from, in the purest form with a lovely way of writing. Congratulations Fabs!

If you are interested in veganism, energy, metaphysics as well as the story of a strong young woman how changed her life – Twenty 8 is the perfect book for you. You learn, you move, you change with her story. There is nothing better while reading a book, is there?

Oh also, if you want, go over to her Instagram @fabsthoughts and say hi from me as well!

Gamze AF


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  • Fabienne

    11/01/2019 at 19:47 Reply

    Thank you beautiful! Such an honour to have Twenty8 reviewed as part of your book club. ❤️

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