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  • Do you want to change your life?
  • Are you considering a change of career or starting your own business?
  • Is it important for you to be more organized, plan better and be more successful?
  • Are you a new entrepreneur and need a mentor?


Then you might want to consider Gamze’s Life Transformation Program or Business Coahing.


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Gamze can take a certain number of clients at a time, therefore there is limited space for the coaching programs. Act now!

How Does It Work? And What Is Included?


  • There are different types of plans in the coaching programs. They can be one-off single sessions, monthly plans or long-term programs. Duration and intervals of the sessions differ, depending on the package. Once the right plan is selected for you, the program starts with a detailed analysis of the current situation and regular Zoom meetings.
    • One of the most popular packages is the Beginner Package. In this plan, there is a 2-hour situation and target setting session in the first week, followed by 1-hour weekly transformation progress sessions. In total, the Beginner Package consists of 6 hours.
    • Single one-off sessions can be 30′, 1-hour, 2-hours or a full day (8-hours).
    • Long-term courses, such as monthly, half year and one-year packages, can consist of 30′, 1-hour or 2-hour sessions.
    • There are several options for 6 months and longer-term coaching plans. Gamze will be giving you her suggestions about which program suits you and your needs the best.


  • Almost every session ends with a ‘homework’. All worksheets, exercises and resources that support the process is included in the programs.


  • Regardless of the type of the chosen coaching plan, Gamze provides unlimited Messenger and e-mail support to her clients. Therefore you don’t have to wait for your next session in order to get support when you need.

What do others say?

“Working with Gamze was the best investment I could have made! She is positive, motivated and only more than happy to share her many secrets to success.

Gamze challenged me in order to push me closer to my dreams. She always has more than enough time to listen to concerns or issues and was my secret weapon in the entrepreneurial journey.

Thank you Gamze! Your passion and desire to help others shines right out of you and into those who need lighting up.”

Fabienne S.

How Can I Start?


1- After Gamze reviews your application herself and decides that it is a good fit; the coaching process starts with a 15-minute FREE CONSULTATION. This consultation will be held on Zoom. Gamze will provide all information to you via e-mail prior to the talk.


2- After the free consultation, Gamze will assess and analyze your current situation. She will provide an e-mail with her recommendations as well as program details and prices.

Please note that further coaching depends on mutual agreement. Both sides are free to decide whether they want to continue the cooperation.


3- Based on the recommendations, you will select the package that suits your personal preference best. Before starting the program, both parties need to sign the Terms & Conditions of the coaching program. Please note that Gamze requires advance payment or payment in monthly instalments. The options may vary depending on different factors and are at Gamze’s sole discretion.


4- After completing the prearrangements, you will receive a link to an initial survey. This survey needs to be completed before the starting date of the sessions.


6. Once you complete the survey, you can contact Gamze in order to get a calendar link to book your sessions. You can book all of your sessions for up to 2 months.


If you have any questions please click here to send an e-mail.


With love,